"With the opening of the earliest dawn and the lotus bud, my soul softly opens in prayer to receive Thy light. Bathe each pedal of my mind with Thy radiant rays, I saturate myself in the perfume of Thy perresence. And wait to waft in the breeze the aroma of Thy message of love to all. Bless me with the spreading dawn I may spread Thy love everywhere. Bless me with the awakening dawn I may awaken all souls with my own, and bring them to Thee."

Paramahansa Yogananda


Ascension process. We 'star seeds' are in the process of ascension. An evolutionary process that began with our first breath in our first incarnation. "In the beginning there was Light", and our eyes opened to see the wonderous beauty of Mother Earth and our entry into the the third dimensional timeline. Ascension merely means frequency or dimentional change and is an ongoing process.

Your inner voice calls to awaken! It is the soft, intuitive, voice we hear beconing us from within. The voice through which the ultimate Truth is heard, seen and witnessed. It speaks in dreams, in meditation, and in stillness. It is the voice of Higher Self and Source. It leads us to enlightenment, and to the Rainbow Bridge of our chakra system. This voice connects us, through inner awakening, to higher dimensions of reality. It opens channels of awareness and understanding. Listen to this inner calling. It is a precious gift, and service to humanity that will benefit all of the universe.

Visualize the 12 Chakra System:

Above the Aura:
1) Cosmic Star Portal - Source Light - top of your etheric Being. Connection to Universal Intelligence, Love, Light.
2) Alpha chakra -(awakening chakra).
3) 4th Eye Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience.

Within the Body Aura:
The 7 chakra energy centers form a rainbow inside the 'cocoon/aura' by which we metamorphosisize, evolve, and enlighten. It is our 'ladder' to ascension or mahasamadhi.

4) Sahasrara, Crown chakra - purple - top of the head. Enlightenment, Selflessness, Spiritual Understanding.
5) Ajna, Third Eye chakra - Majenta - center of forehead. Psychic awareness, clarivoyance, Insight.

6) Vishuddha, Throat chakra - royal blue - front of throat. Truth, Communication, Inspiration, Faith, Inner Ear.
7) Anahata, Heart chakra - emerald green - Center- view of Earth appears. Love, Compassion, Acceptance.
8) Manipura, Power chakra - golden yellow - solar plexus. Will Power, Self Esteem, Energy.
9) Swadhisthana, Sacral chakra - orange - abdomen. Pleasure, Creativity, Relationships.
10) Muladhara, Base chakra - red - base of the spine. Survival, Stablity, Self-Sufficiency.

Below our aura:
11) Omega Chakra (grounding chakra).
12) Earth Star Portal. Mother Gaia. Mother Nature. Iron Core Crystal. Base of the etheric Human Being. Grounding chord to spark enlightenment.

When we begin to focus energy on the 12 chakra system, it is naturally energized, and brought into spinning centers of Light. As they spin and align, they connect with our 12 strands of DNA, our birthright, and our ticket to ascension.

(Each of these chakras has a specific purpose and focus that can be read about in detail. Doreen Virtue is an exceptional author, and clarivoyant who has written books on this subject. You will find great value in her work.)

Practice chakra meditation and visualization every day!

All matter is energy. This paradigm of holographic reality we call the Earth plane is not our true nature, but a temporary 'home' and school of learning. It is a place of metamorphosis. As we evolve, we are able to see our place in a quantum field of 'standing waves' where we know interconnectiveness and oneness with Source. Higher dimensions await! We only have to believe, look, and imagine. Visualize! Envision your energy body soaring upward in light and love. Your guides, masters, loved ones, and Angels are by your side with encouragement.

3rd Dimensional 'Vacuum'. Begin to notice when you are "sucked-in" to the physical world, snap into the present moment, align vertically, and focus on the glowing rainbow bridge within your Self. LOVE LIFE!

There is of course a reason, to be Spirit's 'hands' as a co-creator with the infinite. Be creative, love life, and live in the moment. Ascension is a natural change of frequency and dimension. Simply believe and visualize your 'ride' on the wave of manifestation. Rise above the vacuum, grab hold of your reins.

Ascension into the Light.