Everywhere in NATURE vertical components abound. Cotyledon move out of the seed and anchor roots in the soil. They arise vertically from the ground and reach from Earth to Light. So it is with our evolution, a metamorphosis from darkess to light.

Walk each day, consciously focused, in the present moment breathe the pranic Life Force, I AM presence, that emanates throughout creation. All that IS.

Be still and listen to the inner voice, the connection to our true Higher nature. Quiet the mind in meditation, balance chakras, and manifest ascension into multi-dimensionality.

Visualize a RAINBOW BRIDGE of aligned, spinning, chakras. Connect the Earth to Heaven, move from the third dimension to multi-dimensionality. LIVE VERTICALLY on this magic planet.

We are one in LOVE and the Christ Consciousness!

Many blessings.



WELCOME to 'Living Vertically'!

Hello and Welcome! What 'Living Vertically' means is the art of observing oneself and ascending into higher frequencies of energy, dimension, and experience. Starting with the chakra system within the physical and etherial/solar body, and ascending beyond!

Breathe deeply. Focus on the inner chakra chain of energy centers, and follow them (vertically up your spine) into the I AM presence-Divinity. Visualize a rainbow bridge of colors connecting Mother Earth from the base chakra, to the crown and into Soul plane and Source. Open into the unified chakra awareness of your 'Higher Self' by being still, focusing on the Light of Source. Bliss will follow naturally with Love into your field. Live each day ever expanding.


This website is hosted, designed, and maintanied for the purpose of sharing concepts and ideas, and to provide a platform for inspired thought.

The intention is to connect with those of like mind and heart, and to share thoughts of our Source's vision, purpose, and meaning. I would love to hear from you. Please send me a note to become aquainted. Thanks!


Sessions can be in person or from distance.

I work with Source, Mother Earth, and Guides as an Energy Healer and Practitioner. I assist with spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional healing, and allow the healing Energy to open and create balance and harmony in all parts of one's being. I practice Reiki, Emotion Code, Pendulum Energy Field Clearings, Chakra Cleansing and Guided Meditation.


Sessions can be booked by phone or email.
Please call Laurie at 503-329-0195 or email at:

Staying centered and tuned-IN throughout the day with guidance and connection with your higher nature.

AWAKEN: Bring your consciousness back into the body. Breathe Light into the center of your being and let it expand. Place both your palms upon your Heart Chakra and visualize LOVE and LIGHT surrounding the Earth in the center of your being.
AFFIRM: "I AM as God created me, I AM the son/daughter of Source and Mother Earth."

Confirm that your mind is simply a tool and the real YOU is here to experience the awakening Christ Consciousness. Here to evolve in Light and Love as the I AM Presence, immortal in nature.

ARISE: Open your eyes. Feel the body, the mind, the emotions, and Spirit, together they form a four-fold structure. Spirit, and Body (in vertical), with Mind and Emotions (in horizontal) position, as they align together at the Heart Chakra, they form a 'cross' shape, then expand into a full circle of Light.

Consciously connect to this inner Power Circle, and to your higher essence, and allow it to flow. Visualize your Life before you and behind you. Rise-up and RIDE THE WAVE of living in the NOW MOMENT with intention and creativity.

BEGIN THE DAY: Align to your higher nature and chakras with meditation and yoga in a daily practice of 'Sadhana'. Affirm what you intend to create this day with a prayer or invocation. Be thankful!

NOURISH/CLEANSE: As you bless your body with food and cleanse with water, send Light to every cell of your being. Natural food is made from encapsulated sunshine. The more raw and natural food you eat, the more Light can resonate in your energy field.

WORK/CREATE: In the daytime, our mind, emotions and body are in greater focus and brain wave patterns change into intense Beta. Breathe in the Light, work as creatively as possible, or with music to allow a shift into Alpha wave state to transmit more peace and greater harmony during the day. Remind yourself often that you are here in process of ongoing ascension, surfing in the NOW in route to fulfillnment. Let go of drama, be the Observer, consciously RIDE THE WAVE!

PLAY: Live, laugh, love! Eat, drink, be merry! Life is a gift and should be treasured and honored. Live life to the fullest. Be creative and love your Mother Earth for all the talents and gifts that she offers to you. Fulfill your dreams, talents, and desires. HAVE FUN!

EVENING MEDITATION: As we end our day, breathe in Light to the center of your being. Let it expand. Place both your hands upon your Heart Chakra. Connect with your Higher Self and focus on the Light of the Christ Consciousness. Thank Spirit for each and every moment, and for all your awareness. Live Vertically.

CLOSE OF DAY/SLEEP: As we close our eyes, ask our guides and angels to assist with our ascension as we sleep. Allow yourself travel into the highest Astral realms. Watch your dreams! Be restful and observant, miracles will happen!

LIVE VERTICALLY on this magic planet.

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