I dream of a peace. I ask for blessings for the Earth. I open communication with my guides and masters. I clear my chakras and fill my Self with the radiance. I manifest beauty, health, kindness and joy. I still my mind and open to channel. I create love and light on this magnificent third dimensional plane.



As multi-dimnensional beings, we are capable of healing our bodies, cleansing our minds, calming our emotions, and seeing the Light Source within us. It is through conscious choice, the clearing of negative drama, and releasing of congested, outworn energies, that we can connect with the Divine Self, and open to inner channels of creativity, awareness and ascension. It is here we become Lightworkers and are able to understand and share the Love and Light with others.

144,000+ Lightworkers for the Ascension!


Align with the Sacred "I AM" PRESENCE.
Through Self Realization, listen to the inner voice and discover the Source and reason for being. Receive messages from ascended masters, angels and your spirit guides. Listen. Align your intuition in accordance with the Divine. Work to facilitate vertical alignment, enter the vastness within, and see your Self and all beings as ONE. Live in the present moment, and know that omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence is found within... inside you!

Honor and forgive yourself. Ask for all knowledge and virtue to come from your experience of life. Look at your Self. See through the eye of Spirit. Find faith, truth, and comfort here. Visualize life that is free of fear. Forgive. Live your life in blissful, effortless comfort. Live DRAMA FREE!

Release. Live in abundance, be free of revenge, regret and remorse. Give it away, take that step. Make that decision. Create an altar to peace. Angels, guides, and masters are looking on with you. You are in the center, rejoicing. Gather the thoughts and feelings associated with the pain experienced and place it in the heart chakra creating an altar of white light, to be extinguished and released. REJOICE!


Spirit Guides are Beings of Light that have ascended and have chosen to guide us on our journey in this 3rd dimensional hologram we call "reality". As we walk along the linear timeline, they live outside of time and space to assist with synchronicities and guidance. They speak through the inner voice and connect through the creative process to help guide and heal us.

Read. Study. Practice. Align.
There is much help to be found in books and on the Internet. The metaphysical section of your local book store is filled with ideas and information. Wait for a book to literally fall off the shelf into your hands. It's true! Your guides and angels are always with you and bring information to you in the most amazing ways.

Practice visualization.