May my consciousness follow to its Source, the rays of Light, that I may be baptized in the eternal consciousness of Christ. Amen.


Meditation: is the conscious union or connection with the Higher Self and the Source Creator. It is the other side of prayer. When in prayer, we are speaking to the Divine, and in meditation we are listening. Upon focusing one's attention solely on the higher dimensions of Self, a healing, effervescent Light can be seen with the inner eye. This light is the prana or life force energy that flows through every cell and is the base of the DNA structure.

By quieting the mind, being still, and re- affirming "I AM", in and out, with each breath, we open inner channels of creativity, awareness, evolvement, and eventually ascension into new dimensions of reality. We begin to know the Christ Consciousness that is our true nature. We learn to co-create with Mother Earth. Our Souls open to love and peace. Meditation brings a natural heaing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies of every individual. It can defy aging.

There are many pathways to the Source. It is up to each individual to find the path that resonates most closely to their Soul's blueprint.

Chakra Meditation:

Oh Holy Spirit, Bless us this day with ever increasing light and love within our chakras and connection with the Divine. Bless us. As we breathe slowly, deeply and rhythmically, we open ourselves to our true nature, our hologram and Light Body. As we breathe into our chakras, we start with the lower, the red chakra, expanding it, bringing it into ever-increasing health and vitality for our physical bodies. We bathe and shower our physical field with Divine Light every day.

We open the creative center of our second chakra and become co-creators with the Universe. Manifesting our life purpose and our creative instincts. The color is vibrant orange and is where our vitality is expressed.

Moving into our sacral chakra, where our personality and ego reside, we fulfil our service to the Universe, our Divine plan were we may enhance this beautiful world where we live. The color is yellow.

These three lower chakras create the colors/image of a flame, the sacred fire, it is our power, and our gateway to move into other dimensions. It opens us up like a flower, and supports the heart chakra, as shimmering green waves of Peace and Love expand. It is here we see the four corners of the double pyramid of earth, air, fire, water; and of energy, time, space, and enlightenment; of north, south, east, west; and of Spirit, mind, body, and emotion. In the center of these sacred geometries, is a radiant globe, the planet Earth upon which we live. Unite with its spin and essence, in ONENESS.

We breathe further into our throat chakra, and it becomes a clear blue sky, and in the center, the Sun that opens to to radiate Light upon the Earth. To heal our planet and all its lifeforms in the quantum field.

We breathe into the Ajna (third eye) chakra and we witness the platform of the I AM-Christ Presence in the Pineal, Pituitary, and Hypothalamus Glands. It resembles a magenta lightning rod with a Star blazing at its peak, like a magic wand. It opens to receive the Light from our Divinity/Source, and allows that Light to shine through into our Light Body and into our spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional forms in the quantum field.

We open to the I AM and the Crown Chakra which is like an amethyst shaped crystal that turns with the Earth and unlocks our our Christ Center, our Divinity, that allows us to speak, to hear, to know, and to understand our true Soul Nature and Source/Life Force.

We move into the Soul plane like a Violet Flame, blazing upward. We see a white tunnel and a white staircase that is shaped like our like our DNA, we feel 'at home' as we move through the DNA staircase (bringing evolvement and life to it) moving ever further into the Light. We stand at the top of ourselves, thanking our Source and Spirit Guides, our teachers, and beautiful angels for all blessings. We open up, and allow the Light to shine into our being. With our breath we exhale, I SEE, I SEE!

Stay here for as long as you are able. You are now LIVING VERTICALLY! The angels, archangels, and all your guides and teachers are there if you but ask them to help you. Many blessings be yours, with utmost love. Amen

Pathways of Study:

Patricia Cota-Robles Era of Peace - DNA activation and guidance into the higher realms.

Dr. Theresa Bullard Mystery School Teachings - Scientific understanding of quantum physics and the structure of our universe, with metaphysical teachings of Alchemy/Kabbalah and the ‘Tree of Life’.

Dr. Joe Dispenza Doctor Joe - Becoming Supernatural. Change from the Inside-Out. Reprograming into a You. New Potentials and Destiny.

Regardless of belonging to a group or any fellowship... we are all responsible for our own enlightenment. Remembering our Source in each moment in everyday life is the key that brings us to the Light. It is not an organization, or a guru, or an avatar, it is our own volition, practice, focus and dedication to the Higher Self and mastery that brings ascension.