Vajra Guru
Padme Siddhi



VERTICAL CONNECTIONS: The tool of the internet has become an amazing vehicle to find teachings from various sources. YouTube has brought to the planet extraordinary communication and ways of sharing experiences with the world. A few favorite links are listed below. I recently had the honor of a group session with Patricia Cota-Robles. She was amazing:

Patricia Cota-Robles Patricia spends her time freely sharing the information she is receiving from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. She has so much to share. Check her out!

Q: Am I able to ward off fear and negativity with conscious will and intention?

A: YES! By being the Observer, I am learning to clear old patterns and recognize when negative thoughts or disturbing emotions arise.

Q: Can I distinguish the energy and 'voice' of higher mind/conscience/Spirit Self? 

A: YES! With meditation techniques, going within, centering, living in Lightbody, etc, we can learn to listen to the Source within, to receive guidance. Higher Spirit Self and guides are always there and ready, just open your inner 'ear'.

Q: Am I able to easily forgive others? 

A: This can be a hard challenge to conquer, but we can do it! Remember that we are all a part of the evolving Human Species, and one with each other. Challenging acquaintences are a mirror to our selves.

Q: Do I channel abundance into my life? Do I know that I deserve it? 

A: It is there for the asking, and yes... this is "the Secret", or "Law of Abundance". With patience and determination, it is within reach by all who wish to visualize it, manifest it, and claim it. The Violet Flame awaits!